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If you are a private customer you can:
- purchase (online or in one of our stores) unique clothing articles, accessories and hand-made reinvented items
- repair your sweaters with our online refashion service
- purchase a reparation kit with simple decoration to sew at home
- come visit us and ask for creative reparation of your articles.


In you are in one of our store you can:
- choose unique articles from Manusa collection, renewed every season.
- bring us your unsold clothing and knitted items to reinvent it and reintroduce it renewed in your retail space.


If you are a company you can:
- ask us to create crotchet items and to perform knitting finishing touches for small productions
- ask us to create customized lines
- bring us your raw materials and ask us to creatively transform them


Special projects:
We perform creative works on request for public and private spaces, follow us on Facebook to discover Manusa world.